Self Trust Alchemy is a 16 week group program that teaches you how to step into your sovereignty as a powerful leader over your life who makes decisions with certainty and deep levels of self-trust

(including 16 weekly calls) designed to help you alchemize self-doubt, overwhelm, and overthinking to NEXT level self-trust in your ability to set boundaries, achieve your goals, and use your voice.

BEGINS Tuesday AUGUST 29, 2023 at 4 PM PST

This means say goodbye to:

-People pleasing

- OVEREXTENDING yourself and saying YES when you really mean NO

 -Staying at the job you KNOW you're ready to leave because you don't feel "qualified enough" for anything else or fear "letting your team down"

-Fearing that you don’t know ENOUGH to start or continue your business

-Playing the MARTYR and burning yourself OUT by taking care of everyone and everything but... you

-Fearing speaking UP and sharing your VOICE for fear of saying "the wrong thing" or being rejected

-DROWNING IN SHAME, SELF-LOATHING, AND EMBARRASSMENT for being... a human who does human things and makes human mistakes or because a client, friend, or random stranger says something rubs up against old wounds of fear of criticism 

-PANICKING when you don't know how to do something and/or avoiding asking QUESTIONS for clarity at your job or with your clients because you FEAR LOOKING AS THOUGH YOU DON'T KNOW SOMETHING OR DON'T HAVE IT TOGETHER

-Worrying about what other people think of YOU  

Self Trust Alchemy is for you....


-Whether you’re not new to the healing journey (you’re true to it!!) OR if you’re new to self-development world.

-It's also for you if you’re in a place where you've heard about (or even done!!) the "inner work", taken a look at your childhood trauma, maybe even ready a self-help book or SEVEN and STILL find yourself saying “why do I still do that?! I thought I worked through this already? Am I going BACKWARDS?!” this is ABSOLUTELY for you. 

The vibe of Self Trust Alchemy:

Live, mind-expanding, highly actionable weekly teachings that will alter the way you experience yourself, your potential, and the world around you forever. This program will be an ego trip in the BEST way. Prepare to meet the REAL YOU– to awaken the POWERHOUSE you.

What we'll cover in Self Trust Alchemy:

DROPPING the FEAR around REJECTION so that you can shift from people pleaser to a confident human that feels COMFORTABLE saying HOW AND WHAT YOU REALLY FEEL and TRUSTS themselves to express a boundary

Why you overthink, go back and forth, and ask for every person’s input on every decision you want to make and how to make decisions from a place of TRUST and certainty

  What causes you to feel ADDICTED to saying YES (to your CLIENTS, to your boss, to that person you just met that you absolutely DON'T want to hang out with next weekend, to your family etc.) when you mean to say no as if by IMPULSE and choosing others over yourself and your well-being and how to make decisions GUILT-FREE, from a place of sovereignty

  How to go from making yourself small, doubting your decisions, skills, talents, and career/business path to thinking BIG + TRUSTING in the VALUE of what you have to offer the world, and making BIG MOVES from a place of trust. Think finally launching that business, finally selling that offer without spiraling into "Will anyone buy this?! Do I actually know what i'm talking about?!" And feeling CONFIDENT in your unique GIFTS that the world is WAITING ON YOU to get behind and SHOWCASE.

  How to set boundaries like an emotionally intelligent human being who feels SAFETY in being DIRECT, CLEAR, and grounded in what you will and will not allow.

  How to be connected to your EMOTIONAL WORLD, your HEART, and your VULNERABILITY, so that you can make decisions, set boundaries, and use your voice from a place of RESPECT for your inner world

Over a 16 week period in a group setting via zoom, I will teach you how to shift from SELF-DOUBT, OVERTHINKING, "AM I DOING IT RIGHT?!!", "AM I AN IMPOSTER?!!" to NEXT LEVEL SELF-TRUST through ego work, shadow work, archetypal work, human design, and deepening your connection to your intuition.


16 WEEKLY TEACHING calls (with Q+A calls mixed within) held via Zoom with Beatrice (call replays will ALWAYS be available within 24 hours after the calls)

EXCLUSIVE, private facebook group just for STA members

WEEKLY, in-depth POWERFUL workbooks to integrate weekly teaching calls (students frequently mention how potent and powerful the workbooks are!!)

BONUS: The Other You Masterclass: An introductory shadow work masterclass

Lifetime access!


[Self Trust Alchemy] has taught a lot about myself. Especially my needs and desires. The questions Beatrice ask and the journal homework goes deep to get to the root cause. It made me look at myself and help me understand why I do the things , that I do. Beatrice has made it a safe space, but also a place for us to relate.

Cycle 5 Alum

Self trust alchemy has been very eye opening for me, and has helped me build a more sustainable relationship with myself. I’m so grateful I’ve had this opportunity and hope many others do as well.

Cycle 5 Alum

Self Trust Alchemy brought me back into myself. To fully embody who I am, ‘faults’ and all. I could never even imagined the life I’m now living being possible in my life in just 16 weeks. Beatrice’s passion, as well as her love and support, made me feel so worthy of having the life I desire. I am so grateful and could never thank you and your team enough.

Cycle 5 Alum

This program is life changing!

Cycle 5 Alum

I got A NEW JOB!!!!! I left a severely toxic work environment!  Learning to trust and love myself again is something I thought I would never have again but here I am, doing it thanks to SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy). THANK YOU! 

Cycle 4 Alum

I am so much kinder to myself these days. Not to mention how much my social anxiety has improved. I used to fear posting on social media because I didn’t want to be perceived a certain way(as having gained weight). I am proud to say I genuinely no longer care, and I even posted Bikini pictures from vacation. WHAT! So in short, the way I care for myself has shifted from externally motivated to internally. If you are thinking about joining SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy), don’t hesitate. You will not regret it. My life has completely changed in the best ways, and I am so grateful that I took the time to bet on myself with this program.

Cycle 4 Alum

I now believe I AM THAT B and no one can tell me otherwise. I love how much more confident I am. I am deserving of everything I desire. Before SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy), I didn’t feel the best about myself.. I was too focused on what people thought/saw about me. I now love myself and trust myself. SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy) was eye opening for me.. I would not be where I’m at without it. It helped me with my confidence which is something I struggled with. It also helped me with trusting myself. I feel so much lighter and happier. If you’re thinking about doing it.. just do it. Even after finishing the SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy), I re-watch the videos and I always hear something new.. never fails. Thank you Beatrice and the SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy) community for everything <3

Ashley S.
Cycle 3 Alum

I have a lot of empathy for myself now and care about my feelings and my time. It’s changed the way I want/do show up for myself and say no to things that I don’t want. Before SLOC (now called Self Trust Alchemy) I went to everyone for validation in my choices, I was a people pleaser, everything I did was for everyone else. SLOC (now called Self-Trust Alchemy) helped me reconnect to my true self and I now trust myself 100%. I didn’t know how to express my emotions.. my first instinct was to run away because I thought the person on the other side would not agree with my feelings but I now know that my feelings are always valid. I can now speak up for myself.

Ashley M
Cycle 3 Alum

  • What time will the calls be?
    EITHER Tuesdays OR Wednesdays at 4 PM PST. Some call times may vary but they will always begin between 3-5 PM PST
  • What if I can't make the call times?!
    No worries, replays will be available within the facebook group within 24 hours
  • Is this TOO beginner for me? I've done a lot of personal development work
    This is for beginners AND those who have been around the block. If you've never done shadow work (EVEN if you've done inner child healing work or trauma recovery work!) or if you find that no matter how much knowledge you gather in the personal development world, you have difficulty EMBODYING it or APPLYING it without being triggered, facing resistance, or asking yourself "why do I keep doing that thing?! I thought I worked through that already!" this is for you. I guarantee you've NEVER heard about the ego, shadows, self-trust, or human design like THIS.

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Term - This Term of this Agreement shall be sixteen (16) weeks, from August 23, 2023 (“Start Date”) to Dec 6, 2023 (“End Date”). with the exception of Sections 6 through 11, which shall survive the Term of this Agreement.
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